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American singer, Dencia loses her sister to brain cancer

Cameroonian-born singer, Dencia announces the loss of her sister, Rebecca to brain cancer.

Another sad day for the industry as Dencia announces the death of her sister, Rebecca after a severe battle with brain cancer.

According to Dencia, her sister was told that she had 3 months to live, but she fought hard and stayed alive for 3 years.

Also, she lamented about the rate at which Cancer snatches beautiful souls from their loved ones

Taking to her Instagram page, she revealed this news;

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my beautiful sister Rebecca has lost her 3-year battle with brain cancer on 7/11/21.

My heart feels like a block of lead that I can’t lift off the ground. I reflect on the fact that so many beautiful souls on this earth are taken away from us by this overwhelming disease.I have cried nonstop for 3yrs,Oh if only we looked like what we were going thru 🤦🏽‍♀️a hot Cheeto Mess. Poukis fought a courageous fight.

To your last breath Poukis, you never gave up and remain victorious in my eyes. They gave u 3 months & u fought for 3yrs.U are my rock in life and my inspiration in your death. From the day u were nominated as my sister, u looked out for me, I was ur 1st child as every1 made fun of it. You believed in me more than anything or any1 in the world & pushed me to attain my full potential in life & that’s why the last 3yrs, my life stopped when I got that famous call. Today I am who I am because of u,u made so many sacrifices for my health & wealth, My brokevillian days when u will give me ur card & say spend $50 & I’ll spend $5k u never got mad…

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