Actress #Etinosa Blames Alcohol for going Naked Live on IG

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Actress Etinosa has again spoken on her recent scandal with Sunnews.

Recall the actress was seen stripping naked during a live video with singer MC Galaxy sometime last week.

Speaking on what led to the act, Etinosa told Sunnews that;

“It (the nude video) was (done) under the influence of alcohol. However, the deed has been done. I just had to keep quiet and move on. I can’t explain to everybody what really happened, after all, not everybody is intelligent enough to assimilate and understand certain things. I just had to keep calm and keep my head up high.

“I also don’t think it might affect my chances of getting married someday (laughs). Africa is so freaked about marriage. My dear, if marriage is in one’s destiny it will come.”

On the lesssons learnt, Etinosa said: “If you must drink alcohol, at least do have a friend you trust, who would be with you and seize your phone if things start getting out of hand. She also monitors you, so you don’t do anything stupid. Also, please know your gauge when drinking. Don’t presume you are fine and conscious of your environment. Simply put, drink responsibly.”

On growing up in Edo, she said;

“Growing up was cool. I’m a spoilt child. I got everything I wanted from my parents. My parents were so comfortable. So, I had a very good home. Although, my parents never admitted they had money. “My mum would blackmail us that she wouldn’t live a luxury life because of us, but we know that she always got what she wanted for herself.

We were always going for summer (holiday) abroad and having fun. We weren’t allowed to really go out and mix with other children. It was just home, school and church. It was a great experience. My parents are still alive.”

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