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7 Times The Video Vixens Stole The Spotlight From The Artist


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Everyone that consumes music understands that visuals are an integral part of being an artist – at the fore front of musical visuals are the directors.


The director’s role in music industry has been long documented and highlighted. However, there are contributors to these visuals  that are as important as the directors or artists themselves – the video vixens.


When you analyze the volume of music videos released yearly, 96% of them feature one or multiple video vixens.


Usually vixens serves as  aesthetically pleasing backdrop for the artist. Vixens also play the role of female protagonist. Either role is determined by the content of the song and the artistic direction by the director. Nevertheless, our focus today is to highlight 7 instances where the heroine outshines the hero, in no particular other :


  1. Naomi Offor in Bounce by Ruger :

our first music video and the inspiration for this article. Bounce was the breakout single from Jonzing and Mavin rising star Ruger. The music video directed by Ahmed Mosh, features a pink haired Ruger and a sultry eyed Naomi set in a ghetto love affair. Which is fitting, giving the dancehall nature of the song. Naomi gracefully twists and twirls as she wields a metallic baseball bat. She exudes a sensual dominance, while managing to enchant anyone that laid eyes on her. 


2. Winnie Harlow in True Love by Wiz kid

the first of the star boy trifecta : the music video for True Love was met with mixed reviews. Arguably the best song off Wiz kid’s fourth studio album, fans pleaded for visuals. A year after it’s release Wiz kid teased a Nabil Elserkin directed True Love video starring supermodel Winnie Harlow. The video was met with mixed reviews, most opinions expressing displeasure with the use of CGI. 


An obvious observation made from watching the video was that CGI was used to create a dystopian effect. A dystopian world where Wiz kid longed for his true love. At the 1:30 mark was our first sight of Winnie, strutting like the runway goddess she is. The butterfly effects set in with a sudden ray of sunshine as Wiz kid sings :


   “you wan give me something to feel, you wan  give me something that’s real”. 




3. Georgia Curtis in Joro by Wiz kid :

still in Wiz kid’s world : we take a look at one of his career defining moments. Joro released on the 30th of September 2019, in time for the anniversary of Nigeria’s independence. In true “national treasure” fashion, wiz kid decided to give us a sweet tune to dance and merry to.  The Adriaan Louw directed visual sets Wiz kid – crooning in a candlelit room in Lagos. Whereas the female protagonist – who’s set in London – appears spellbound by the sweet melodies of the Afro Beat star. 


The camera follows the London-based dancer gyrates through dark sidewalks, a hair salon and a partially lit theatre.


The concept of the video is symbolic of the effect Afro Beats is currently having on a global scale.


4. Tiwa Savage in Fever by Wiz  kid :

The third and final entry of the wiz kid video trifecta, is the popular 2018 release fever. Fever dropped  – again on independence day in 2018 – as part of a double drop by Wiz kid. “Fever” became the fan favorite of the two songs, no surprise when a video for the song was teased. On the 24th October 2018, Wiz kid released a Meji Alabi directed visual for Fever. The video sets Wiz kid laying in a cabana, singing the infectious hook while Tiwa creeps up behind him. 


We get to see these superstars share an intimate embrace laying-up in the cabana. “Fever” as we know marked a defining moment in the Tiwa Savage-and-Wiz kid era.   


5. Adut Akech  in Kini Issue by Runtown : 

On 25th of September 2020 Jack Douglas – popularly known as Runtown – released his second single of the year.  A month prior Runtown celebrated his birthday with Sudanese supermodel Adut Akch, who shared posts on social media. In November Runtown released a Meji Alabi directed visual for “ Kini Issue ” that featured his then fiance. The couple – who were later stars of Versace’s holiday campaign – were draped in the finest garments. Although their relationship status might seem unclear these days, they gave us a memorable moment .


6. Anna Ebiere in Golliber: 


At the peak of Chinedu Okoli’s  (popularly known as Flavour)  career, he released his sixth studio album titled ‘Thankful’. One song caught on like wildfire and might go down as one of the top afrobeats songs. “Gollibe” was arguably everyone’s favorite song during the period of its release. Industry vet Clarence Peters was charged with the responsibility of creating a visual for this hit song.  Anna Ebiere – a fair-faced beauty – was the female protagonist and object of Flavour’s desires. Anna plays a charming vllage girl, while Flavour the prince in search of his Queen-to-be. He examines a bevy of princesses, but none match the Anna. 


7. Genevieve Nnaji in Fall In Love by D’banj :


In the 2000’s and early 2010’s, Oladapo Oyebanjo stage name D’banj was considered a megastar by Nigerians. Although his reputation took a hit in recent time, he’s still one of the godfathers of afrobeats. At the height of his fame D’banj released arguably the greatest afrobeats album of all time, Entertainer. Every song on the 10-track album is considered a hit, none had bigger impact than Fall In Love. The Don Jazzy produced record: was the biggest song, on the biggest album,  by the biggest artist at the time. Only right they got the biggest actress and nollywood sweetheart, Genevieve Nnaji as the female protagonist. 


The SESAN directed video sets Genevieve – a disgruntled girlfriend – who by miscommunication thinks D’banj is stepping-out. He tries to make Genevieve understand that he’s left his player ways behind and only has eyes for her. The video concludes with D’banj getting down on one knee followed by a kiss. The news circuit couldn’t get enough of the on-screen romance between two of Nigeria’s biggest stars, real or not. D’banj confirmed in a radio  interview with OAP Toolz that the duo did date for a brief period.


Here-in lays our list ,let us know who you think should make the list via the comments. 


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