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4 Female Celebrities That Were Rumoured To Have Dated Singer Davido

As a celebrity, there are always rumors that circulate, especially when you are seen with a female star; they confidently assume you are dating her even if you are just friends. Many female celebrities Davido has gone out with had been rumored to be dating him at one point, though most of the reports turned out to be false.

1) Funmi Aboderin.

The first on the list is Funmi, who was rumored to be Davido’s first girlfriend. It was also revealed that they dated while attending the same university and graduated in 2013 together. They were dating in 2013, but when they stopped spending out together, people assumed their relationship had ended, based on hearsay.

2) Sira kate

Sira Kate from Guinea was said to be dating Davido in 2015. They were spotted in different images together, moving out together, and having fun before fans stopped seeing them, leading them to believe they are no longer together.

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3) Nish Kards

Nish Cards, a Ghanaian lady, is another lady Davido is said to have dated. Although nothing is known about their relationship, their images were widely circulated on the internet, leading many to believe that we were dating.

4) Myayafaii

Another lady alleged to have dated Davido is Myayafaii. It all started after they were both pictured ganging up in Atlanta. Many people assumed they dated since they trended online and old images of them having fun with one other appeared, which many people used as proof that they were dating, even if they weren’t sure.

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